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Cooling system

Let the professionals take care of your comfort.

If you are looking for   the perfect solution against the summer heat , Electro Pompe will take care of you. Whether it's a   central or wall-mounted system.

We also offer repair and maintenance service.


The Daikin company has been a pioneer in the refrigeration industry   since 1951, and have continued to maintain their quality and performance over the years. Their specialization and commitment within the cooling industry   has helped bring comfort to the homes of thousands of families.

Their expertise and innovation is redefining the way the world thinks about   air conditioning . Daikin's series have streamlined wall-mounted indoor units that are paired with quiet compact outdoor units. With a flexible design made to blend in with any home design, these systems are ideal for single room upgrades.

With their technological and aesthetic sophistication, the   Daikin systems   are backed by one of the best warranties in the industry.

Contact our representative to find out which unit would be best for you!

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